Bruce Lindsey & the Alberti Program

Enhancing the Quality of Life

​Bruce Lindsey, dean of the College of Architecture and the Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design and the E. Desmond Lee Professor for Community Collaboration in the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, has been a leading voice for sustainability and community engagement within design education and practice.

Shortly after he joined Washington University in 2006, Lindsey launched the Alberti Program-Architecture for Young People, a problem-solving studio workshop in environmental design for 4th-9th grade students from St. Louis public schools. Faculty member Gay Lorberbaum directs the program which is taught by graduate and undergraduate student teaching assistants. 

Students get hands-on experience in sustainable design with an eye toward improving the living environment. They have access to libraries and computer labs on campus, and participate in lectures ranging from ecology to social work and discussions with leading architects.

Maya Jones, 12, an Alberti Program participant spoke about “finding new ways to build old structures, especially ways to make them green and stop polluting the environment.” The Alberti Program inspires students to learn about design in the future.

The Alberti Program was a recipient of the Gephardt Institute’s first Community-Based Teaching and Learning Faculty Grants Program.  “We intend to grow the program so that students can have further mentoring opportunities — at both the undergraduate and graduate levels — to learn in applied settings while benefiting the community,” said Amanda Moore McBride, PhD, institute director and associate professor at the Brown School.

Together, we are enhancing the quality of life by inspiring the next generation of leaders to imagine better living environments.

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