Amanda Moore McBride

Preparing Leaders of Tomorrow

“World boundaries continue to evolve at a rapid pace,” Amanda Moore McBride, PhD, director of the Gephardt Institute for Public Service and associate professor and associate dean of the Brown School confirms. “Immigration, emigration, environmental change, and the Internet have created a global community with problems that can no longer be addressed from an ‘us versus them’ perspective.”

Finding common ground in this new community is critical to success. This is why she develops service projects that help Washington University undergraduate and graduate students work with people to overcome obstacles and solve societal problems in communities from Uganda to University City.    

 “Washington University has a long history of dedication to social work and public health. We continue to attract student in record numbers, from all over the world, who are united by a desire to help others and create sustainable change,” McBride says. “Our students are intelligent, engaged, and tenacious,” she says, “These characteristics enable faculty and staff to partner with them to pioneer research and apply results that impact our community partners in positive ways.”

During the past decade, the Brown School opened 10 multidisciplinary research centers, including four that focus solely on public health. The Brown School has advanced evidence-based and transdisciplinary problem solving in its curricula, and continues to form new partnerships with academic institutions in China and India, for example, which offer students and faculty new opportunities for international exchanges.

Regardless of where in the world they serve, this civic action is paired with intensive leadership training, such that our students leave prepared for lives dedicated to public service. Our graduates are the next generation of civic leaders who are the change agents worldwide. Working together, with your help and support, we can indeed change the world.

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