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Why Staff Member Sarah Miller Loves Supporting the Olin School

Sarah Miller, MBA’00, the Olin School's director of MBA student affairs, has valued her role and her time at Washington University, both as a student and a staff member. “I loved being a student here,” she says, “and I sometimes envisioned myself staying on.” Miller had developed relationships with staff as well as her fellow students, and it was through these connections that she learned of a job opening at the Olin Business School a year after graduation. “When the opportunity came along,” she says, “I leapt at it.”

For Miller, being a part of the university community means supporting the university financially. She has been a member of the Century Club since she joined the staff in 2001, making an annual gift to the Olin Business School. She gives every year because she knows money is needed at a consistent rate. “I’m also aware that Washington University doesn’t just happen out of thin air,” she says. “It takes a lot of resources to have a program with such high-quality faculty, high-quality facilities, and high-quality staff.”

Miller notes that many faculty and staff are involved with fundraising efforts with students and alumni. She herself works with the Olin School’s MBA Graduating Class Gift campaign and says that if she is asking students and alumni to give back, she should do the same. “I need to be able to walk that talk, and it’s nice to be able to show students and alumni that we’re as invested in this community as they are. Giving and seeing the environment thrive is truly good for all of us.”

“When I tell people I work at Wash U, I often get a ‘wow’ response, or they tell me how lucky I am,” Miller says. “And I really do feel lucky to work here.” Miller says she enjoys meeting each year’s incoming students and appreciates the intellectual environment. “Our students are so smart, our faculty are so smart, and we’re constantly improving,” she says. “It keeps me wanting to come back each day.”

Miller is excited for the school’s future and its students, who she says “keep getting brighter and brighter.” She is especially enthusiastic about the Olin School’s new facilities, Knight Hall and Bauer Hall. “I’m excited for the growth, but also for the atmosphere of collaboration that the new buildings will support and encourage,” she says.

“Sometimes the biggest impact can come from a very small amount of money.”

— Sarah Miller, MBA’00, Director of MBA Student Services