ENHANCING The Quality of Life

Together, we help faculty and students become more engaged citizens who will improve the lives of people worldwide by building sustainable communities, a culture of creativity and a deep commitment to service. We enliven communities and enrich culture by increasing our support for their service to society. 

Good Mental Health for All Enola Proctor advances evidence-based social services across the nation.

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Mark Manary & The Peanut Butter Project built a sustainable business model for treating malnutrition in children

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Enhancing the Quality of Life

​Preparing our graduates for lives of meaning and purpose is fundamental to our mission. This is achieved in many different ways—from volunteering in response to natural disasters, to working to end hunger through plant science and improved nutrition. Working in legal clinics serving our community, creating new knowledge, or developing enterprises that contribute to sustainable economic prosperity and growth all provide rich experiences for students. And, we embrace artistic creative freedom to enliven and enrich our communities and culture.

As finite natural resources become more difficult to acquire, manage and allocate, we are working across disciplines to meet society’s water, food and energy needs while preserving the environment. Scientists, engineers and social workers collaborate to develop new knowledge that is applied to benefit society. Visual artists study the humanities to discover innovative ways to communicate complex ideas.

Through serving others, students become prepared for a lifetime of leadership in their communities. Providing infrastructure and support in community service enables our students to serve as tutors and mentors to underprivileged children, to work with public agencies in our community, and to volunteer around the world.

Together, we can build a better world by preparing more effective leaders—individuals with the knowledge, experience, dedication, and creativity to tackle complex problems. Increasing our support for faculty and students in their service to society will foster engaged citizens who will improve the lives of people worldwide.

Bruce Lindsey & the Alberti Program inspire students to embrace environmental design as a path to sustainability and improving communities