PREPARING The Leaders of Tomorrow

Together, we create an educational environment that enables our students to grow academically and socially. Our students learn to work, individually and cooperatively, with people from different backgrounds and perspectives, within communities near and far while preparing to serve as leaders in their chosen professions and in their communities.

Taylor Family Establishes $10 Million Scholarship Challenge Gift extends family’s legacy of leadership and support at Washington University.

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Parents Establish University’s First Endowed Coaching Position Joe Clarke will serve as the inaugural Estakhri Family Men’s Soccer Head Coach.

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A Feeling for Success Hillary Anger Elfenbein helps students develop emotional intelligence as a powerful career tool.

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A Dream to Benefit Society Scholarship recipient Candace Johnson hopes to use her law degree to change the world.

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Ray Arvidson prepares Pathfinders to learn from real-life NASA missions, including the recent Curiosity Mars rover mission.

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Supply Chain Reaction Panos Kouvelis inspires in students a passion for manufacturing and management.

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Preparing the Leaders of Tomorrow

Washington University attracts some of the most academically gifted, inquisitive, and creative students who demonstrate the potential to become leaders of their generation.

To ensure their success, we must help our students develop the critical thinking skills to understand problems and to identify and implement solutions. We must prepare them to work, individually and cooperatively, with others from different backgrounds and perspectives. They must learn to work within communities near and far, and with organizations of all kinds.

Our faculty are vital to this process. For students at Washington University, working with faculty is the rule, not the exception. Our faculty model the characteristics of great leadership and inspire a commitment to community service. The positive impact from close relationships between students and faculty lasts a lifetime. Consequently, we aspire to provide opportunities for students to engage in meaningful ways with our faculty.

Faculty relationships are just one aspect of an exceptional education. To further cultivate the analytical, creative, and interpersonal skills needed to thoroughly understand the challenges confronting people around the globe, we must expand the ways in which our students can study internationally as well as participate in everything from athletics to drama, from music to community service.

Together, with our great alumni, faculty, students, parents, staff, and friends, we are committed to cultivating an educational environment that enables our undergraduate and graduate students to grow academically and socially while preparing them to serve as leaders in their chosen professions and in their communities.