Talented & Diverse Student Body

Together, we develop students who possess the intellectual, social and cultural capacity, and depth of character to use their education to benefit society. We continue our tradition of attracting top students from all economic, ethnic, and social backgrounds, which requires significant resources for scholarship support.

Circle of Opportunity Scholarship recipients Trustee Cash Nickerson, JD ’85, MBA ’93, and Kelli Washington, BSBA ’94, on why they give back.

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The Dream School For Class of 2017 track and field All-American Deko Ricketts, a scholarship brings a transformative education within reach.

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Tools to Change Lives Scholarship recipient Sheronnabah Harvey serves tribal communities at the Denver Indian Family Resource Center.

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Soldier Turned Entrepreneur Alumnus and veteran John Coveyou, AB ’10, MS ’11, reflects on the meaning and impact of his scholarship.

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We provide more than $221 million in scholarship support annually

​Together, we transform lives. For generations, we have challenged the hearts and minds of talented and creative students. We have contributed to the development of leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs who possess the understanding and depth of character to use their education to benefit society.
Washington University is dedicated to recruiting a diverse student body of the highest ability, with approximately 53 percent of our current undergraduates receiving some form of financial assistance. Our commitment reached more than $221 million in support of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students in 2015–16. Since 2008, the university has provided scholarships in place of loans to students whose family income is less than $60,000 per year. The program was expanded in 2012 to include students from families earning up to $75,000 per year.
We must continue to recruit the best, brightest students and the most diverse student body. We aspire to ensure that no student—undergraduate, graduate, or professional—will ever have to turn down the opportunity of a Washington University education due to the lack of financial resources. We also must do all that we can to ensure that our students have the freedom to pursue important fields, particularly fields where salaries are typically not high. This will require an even greater commitment of financial aid, particularly in times of economic uncertainty.
Together, we can open our doors to more outstanding students, regardless of financial need, making the Washington University experience affordable for talented students with limited means.


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