Our country and the world face complex challenges that governments alone cannot solve. Olin is one of the leading business schools in the country, and our sights are set on making the world a better place by populating it with thoughtful and ethical global leaders. With our strong programs and through university-wide collaborative efforts, we will strengthen the impact of Washington University as we offer a second century of business education.


  • Attracting Talented & Deserving Students
    At the five leading business schools, operating funds provide an average of 25% of scholarships. At Olin, operating funds account for 72% of scholarship support. With more endowed and annual scholarships, Olin will be able to attract the most deserving undergraduate and graduate students, while enabling our operating budget to be used for other important priorities.

  • Attracting & Retaining Talented Faculty
    At the top 20 business schools, the student to faculty ratio averages 18:1. At Olin it is 25:1. Growing our faculty will enable us to grow our graduate programs and to further expand our suite of programs, and vice versa. With a larger critical mass of students and faculty, we will be able to offer a greater array of electives and build stronger relationships with corporate recruiters.
  • Delivering World Class Programs
    Putting students in contact with businesses and non-profits, whether on our campus or off, has long been a hallmark of an Olin education. Practicums offered through our Center for Experiential Learning put teams of students to work on mini-consulting projects, helping apply their classroom learning to real-world business problems.
  • A Stronger Future: Investing in Facilities
    The most visible part of our campaign is the new Knight Hall and Bauer Hall building project. These buildings will double the footprint of Olin on the Danforth Campus, providing much needed space to further transform our school. With these new facilities we can expand business engagement with faculty and students in the classroom, in research and consulting projects, and in our current and new research centers.
  • Strengthening Today: Annual Fund Support
    A stronger Annual Fund would enable Olin’s leadership to act quickly to create innovative programs which give students an unmatched learning environment. Whether through a career fair, a non-profit practicum project or a short-term international study trip, unique programs which happen on an annual basis are central to the Olin education. These opportunities are among our best for connecting students to mentors, advisors, potential employers and other students to help them move their ideas and careers forward. To provide our students with a supportive and innovative culture that meet their ever evolving educational needs, we need more resources.
For more information about Olin’s Faculty & Staff Gift Campaign, please contact Sean Martin at Sean_Martin@wustl.edu or 314-935-3687.

Ways to Give


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