Video Gallery: Scholarship Recipients Tell Their Stories

Scholarships enable Washington University to work toward making our exceptional education accessible and affordable for every qualified student who aspires to attend. By supporting a diverse student body, scholarships strengthen our university and help prepare the very best students, of all backgrounds, to become effective leaders.

We hope you’ll enjoy some of their stories of courage, hard work, and gratitude in the videos below. As you’ll see, scholarships change the lives of those with significant potential to benefit society.

2018 Scholars in Business

2018 Brown School Scholars

2018 Scholars in Arts & Sciences

2018 Scholars in Engineering

2018 Scholars in Law

2018 Sam Fox School Scholars

2017 Brown School Scholars

WashULaw: The Impact of a Scholarship 2017

2017 Olin Scholars in Business

2017 Scholars in Engineering

2017 Scholars in Arts & Sciences


2017 Sam Fox School Scholarship Program

School of Medicine 2017 Scholarship Dinner

2016 Scholars in Arts & Sciences


2016 Sam Fox School Scholarship Program


WashULaw: The Impact of a Scholarship 2016


School of Medicine 2016 Scholarship Dinner


2016 Olin Scholars in Business