Scholarly Research & Creative Potential

Together, we collaborate to foster excellence and provide opportunities for students and faculty to pursue research and scholarship that will create knowledge and discover solutions to the world’s most complex challenges. To achieve our goal of contributing even more significantly to society, we aspire to increase the number of areas in which we are recognized as a world leader.

Colangelo Named First Ralph J. Nagel Dean Nagels endow deanship held by visionary leader of the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts.

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Professorship in Law Honors Sally Dobson Danforth John C. Danforth makes a commitment of $3 million to endow the Professorship.

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R. Marie Griffith and Leigh Eric Schmidt are top scholars exploring the nexus of politics and religion and embracing today’s hot-button issues.

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Expressions of a Nation Renowned culture critic Gerald Early illuminates American arts, sports and history.

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We must expand our commitment to serve all student and faculty work

Throughout our history, faculty and students have been innovators generating new ideas, concepts, and discoveries. And building on our collaborative, interdisciplinary culture, they have created a fertile environment for the creation of new knowledge that can help improve the quality of life for millions of people. 

The School of Medicine and the Brown School are internationally recognized leaders in their fields. To achieve our goal of contributing even more significantly to society, each of our schools must have an opportunity to excel in its area of intellectual activity.

Current and planned programmatic priorities require substantially funding, including:
  • Interdisciplinary centers dedicated to Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, neuroscience, genomics and cancer research among others
  • International partnerships to encourage collaborative education and research with dozens of the world’s leading universities and corporate partners through the McDonnell International Scholars Academy
  • The Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, a community of scholars from across the university assembled to conduct educational and research activities focused on the creation, study, and use of materials to bring synergy to materials-driven research programs
  • The Institute for Public Health, which integrates and capitalizes on the extensive public health work occurring across the entire university
  • The Center for Empirical Research in the Law, designed to support the application of sophisticated empirical methodology to legal studies research
  • The John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics, launched to deepen the understanding of religion and politics in the United States by engaging diverse and sometimes conflicting perspectives
We must also expand our commitment to areas that serve all facets of student and faculty work such as the Washington University Libraries.

Together, we can provide the resources necessary to fully realize the potential of
each of our programs and initiatives. To do so, our campaign aims to secure a
minimum of $900 million.

Pratim Biswas educates future generations of engineers and scientists who will tackle and solve complex environmental problems